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For more than 20 years, I’ve coached women in leadership to navigate uncertainty, find their place and voice within the organization, and have more energy - so they can have the kind of impact they really want to have.  

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"I worked with Renee on a multi-year leadership team transformation many years ago and then contacted her when I needed to do a team building day with our executive team in my new role. In the weeks leading up to the day, Renee met with each team member and the insights that she gained before the day enabled the CEO and I to partner with Renee to design the day for the best outcomes. We had a couple of significant curve balls come up shortly before the team got together and Renee helped to leverage these challenges as a foundation for our work. The actual day gave us more insight and direction and months later, we are using what we learned to be a stronger and more effective team."

Greg L.
Chief Human Resources Officer, Pharmaceutical Company

"Working with Renee on strategic planning has re-energized this small, but mighty, association to do great things. Through the systematic processes Renee put into place -- collecting both quantitative and qualitative data -- we were able to really understand where our members were coming from and what they need to grow and be more profitable."

Lisa G.
Executive Director, Glass and Metal

"As a senior IT executive, Renee was my coach and my confidant. She had a profound, life changing impact on my career success and my personal growth. With grace and compassion, she challenged my self-limiting beliefs and helped me to truly transform my thinking. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for real personal growth and a committed and supportive coach who will help you navigate the transformation."

Carrie O.
CIO, Medical Devices

"I met Renee when my career had hit a plateau. Renee helped me realize that a lot of my survival tactics that got me to the Director level were working against me and needed to be reevaluated. She was instrumental in helping me create a strong relationship with my new boss. In addition, she helped me apply the right tools to improve my relationship with my teenage daughter. The coaching that I received from Renee was pivotal to my subsequent promotion to Vice President. I would highly recommend Renee as an executive/life coach."

Nilda P.
VP of IT, Healthcare

"Working with Renee was an amazing opportunity. Her compassion and understanding are wonderful yet she also challenges and forces you to take a hard look in the mirror but in the nicest of ways. Renee's coaching and guidance helped me learn how and why I approach many things in my life - personally and professionally. I can’t recommend Renee enough. She’s awesome and working with her is truly a gift."

Alice M.
Director of Marketing, Dental Manufacturing

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