CAROLYN, Associate General Council - Healthcare

"Renee is an amazing coach and facilitator. Her ability to offer practical and actionable insights to deal with issues you are facing in your professional life, weather dealing with coworkers, superiors, or your direct reports, is unparalleled. She helped me find my professional voice and improve my ability to communicate in a way that those around me can truly hear. Renee is also masterful of bringing together groups of women from very different backgrounds and experiences and helping them to have productive conversations and truly support each other. The support, encouragement, and guidance that I received while participating in Coming Into Your Own helped me to make a major career change that I knew I wanted to make for so long but was afraid to act on. Anyone who is looking to grow professionally and personally and drive more impact at work should work with Renee."


Amy, VP, Process Engineering, Healthcare

"I worked with Renee when I was newly promoted into a strategic leadership role and I had to change how I thought of myself and how I interacted with my colleagues. Renee helped me transition from being a go to for IT help to being a strategic leader. Along the way, I developed skills in delegating, influencing, working with difficult personalities, and being comfortable as a leader among senior executives. Renee’s insights are honest and confidence giving, and helped me to not only navigate the challenges of leadership but also recognize and embrace the opportunities ahead."

LISA, Executive Director - AGMA

"Before I get to a formal recommendation, what I have to say unequivocally is the most wonderful thing about Renee is the level of comfort and warmth you feel working together. Like chatting with an old friend over a cup of coffee.... she made each one of my Board members feel heard, respected, and comfortable, which made me feel amazing! Everyone was instantly at ease, which is priceless. Now onto my formal recommendation.

Renee worked with me and my Board of Directors to develop our strategic plan. She was thoughtful and practical in her approach given our time constraints. Renee helped everyone to authentically be on the same page with where we wanted to take the organization and the timing of different objectives. It was also during this time that I took Renee's women's leadership program in which I learned a lot about communicating with different and strong personalities, and how to more effectively lead meetings with our Board and other key stakeholders."


KIM, Executive Director of Marketing - Retail

"I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Renee's leadership program for women. It was a great opportunity to invest time in my own personal development. The curriculum was engaging and goal oriented which led to clear understanding of progress. Also, the small group sessions were invaluable, as talking through challenges with other female leaders often led to a clear, actionable path forward."

KAREN, Attorney and Law Firm Partner

"Coming Into Your Own provided a forum for me to explore my own leadership and to be deliberate about the leader I want to be. I was inspired and energized to take what I learned and implement practices in my law firm to lead with purpose, which had positive and tangible results. I highly recommend this program!"

Raluca, Head of Oncology Translational Research, Pharmaceutical

"I was fortunate to be included in one of the book clubs led by Renee and it was an amazing experience. The book selections and conversations facilitated by Renee and her leadership during these meetings really provided amazing forum for the connection, support and encouragement among women leaders from different industries/functions/expertise."

Nancy, Director of Forecasting and Analytics - Healthcare

"Coming Into Your Own pushed me to contemplate the key questions: What type of leader do I want to be and how can I practice and evolve into this leader? The structured discussions allowed me to delve into the multiple aspects of good leadership, and as a working mom, where time is limited, this workshop fit easily into my schedule."

Christine, VP & CTO, Manufacturing

"I had the pleasure of working with Renee in one of her leadership coaching programs. She helped shape my career – in particular, I gained clarity about the kind of impact I want to have and how to navigate some complex work relationships. Renee is insightful and an excellent listener, and I always felt re-energized after our calls."

Jessica, Cloud Delivery Lead, Manufacturing

"Thank you, Renee, for creating this diverse group of women - I didn't realize how much I needed this group in my life! At times I feel so alone trying to figure out how to navigate the struggles of home and work life but knowing I have you and the other ladies in my corner to cheer me on is something truly amazing."

KERI, Entrepreneur

"I did this course while facing a complete career transition after spending about 13 years out of work to raise my 3 kids. Coming Into Your Own really helped me get into a leadership state of mind, and it renewed and refreshed my confidence and trust in myself, my knowledge, and my abilities."

Danielle W., Manager, Consulting Company

Renee coached me during one of the most vulnerable times in my career – my transition into a leadership role for the first time. In working with her, I became less afraid of my areas of growth and created actionable plans to overcome challenges I faced in my new position. I never would have had the leadership growth that I experienced if it wasn’t for Renee and her stellar coaching.

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Hi! I’m Renee.

For more than 20 years, I’ve worked with women in leadership to have a bigger impact.

I’ve also led my own teams - and navigated all kinds of office politics and people dynamics. 

My experiences give me first-hand knowledge and appreciation of what it takes to have an impact.

I firmly believe that anyone can contribute in all the ways they want to - if they're willing to learn and practice new skills.

Discover new ways to
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